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Welcome. Here you will find my collection of pictures taken at "Weird Al" Yankovic concerts over the last 10 years (three tours plus the Orange County Fair in 2002). I have been following Al around the country (at concerts, not stalking) since the Running with Scissors tour, so there will be a fairly large collection of stuff here. I will also add photos from vacation, animals and assorted bugs I love to stalk with my camera. Hope you enjoy it and please do let me know what you think at maria27 at catanddogdoctor.net.

The Ak & Zuie Page

The Al page (Orange County 2002)

Poodle Hat Tour 2003 is here!

Poodle Hat Tour 2004
Champaign, IL
Joliet 2004

Straight Outta Lynwood, baby!!!
San Diego

Orange CountyFair 2007
July 17th

The Miles Jay Corner


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